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When should I hire a moving company in Toronto ? Great hacks to lower your moving cost

Should I hire movers before I sell my house? Or call them once I get a closing day? Or Can I just hire Toronto movers last-minute to get a better deal? Should I just make my realtor to book movers for me? These are the common questions that homeowners encounter when they plan to hire movers. Here in this article I will guide you on best practices on booking movers in Toronto to move your house/condo. 1. When should you hire movers in Toronto? AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, once you know the approximate day you vacate your house or condo. If you're selling or buying a home, and 100% sure that you will need movers? So, why not book the best movers in Toronto now? Early bird gets a worm; great movers in Toronto are always busy with work and it's the best practice to book them at least 1 month before your moving day. Many people procrastinated on researching movers and booking them in advance. As a result, they ended up having a few providers available with little or no reputation in the moving industry. Moving is not fun, it's one of the biggest stressors that adults in North America experience. Therefore, the only way to tackle this stress is by hiring right movers in the Toronto area IN ADVANCE who will come on time, do your move carefully for a fair price. Here's a good moving hack practiced by experienced people who moved many times: - Immediately, after finding a realtor and listing a house, they call to Toronto movers, disclose their item list to be moved, and get a quote even though they don;t know the day when they will be moving. They just simply tell to the Moving estimators over the phone that they will be moving X amount of items, they are located at X address, and they would like to get a guaranteed quote in exchange for guaranteed booking with them. Moving estimators will be more than happy to assist you and get a fixed quote for your move (by fixed I don't mean flat rate). Then, once home sellers find a buyer they call to the same Toronto moving company and finalize the booking. As a result, these sellers found a good moving company, got a quote in advance, and received the desired service quality on the moving day. So, if you're hiring movers for 100%, there is no reason to wait 10,15,20,30 days before the move. Call movers, and reserve your move, regardless if you have a house, townhouse, or a bachelor condo. By calling in advance you demonstrate to movers that you have plenty of time to decide which company to hire, and that is why, you're looking for the best rates and perks. On the other hand, when people are calling to book movers 7 days before their moving day or less, they are more likely to get hit by inflated rates, because movers will sense that your moving days are coming up soon, and you have to book them short-notice ASAP TIME OF THE YEAR MATTERS A LOT! When thinking when to book movers in Toronto, it's very important to know what time of the year are you planning to move. I'll warn you right away, last days of warm months (May, June, July, August) are usually very busy for movers, and expect to call a lot of companies and hear that they're booked, because everyone in Canada prefers to move during summer months. If you're planning to move during these months, please call and book movers in advance. However, if you happen to move during cold months such as December, January, February, you don't have to worry about the dates. Usually, the cold months, or as movers in Toronto call them - slow season, moving companies in Toronto have free trucks available. Thus, you will be less likely doomed if you're planning on moving in the winter. 2. If I call to book movers in Toronto last-minute? Will they give me a discount to get my business? NO! Please avoid booking movers last minute, especially if you have a 2-bedroom house plus to move in Toronto. On the last days of the month, good last-minute movers in Toronto do not exist. All reputable companies fill up their schedule for the end of the month pretty fast (weeks or even months before). You can end up calling number after number and hearing NOs, very high rates, or risk running into scammers who will tell you a cheap price, and then will keep your stuff hostage in the middle of the move to extort more money from you. Hence, I just want to assure you that there's no such a thing as "good last-minute movers in Toronto". Just for the sake of a laugh, I will show you an example of a dishonest Toronto's local moving company that specializes in last-minute moves.

As you can read in these reviews, these folks were hunting for vulnerable people who got no other choice but to agree to move with them last-minute. Their experience is elaborated quite well. 3. Can I just ask my realtor to hire movers? Can I ask him/her to recommend me some companies? What if my realtor offers free movers in exchange of working with him, should I take this deal? Most realtors will know movers that can help you to move. They can even coordinate your move. However, you must always be diligent and make your research about moving companies that your realtor is planning to hire. Especially, if these movers are paid by the realtor who offered you this deal in exchange for his/her business with you. - Learn about the extent of the relationship that realtor has with movers If a realtor is getting referral bonuses or has an agreement with a moving company, you must always ask the name of the company, just so you can do some research about this moving company. Also, ask your realtor for how many years/months have they had this referral relationship for, and how previous customers rated these Toronto movers; were there any complaints from previous customers on the quality of the move. Many Toronto moving companies tend to make referral agreements with local realtors in Toronto. Some of these moving companies are genuine & professional who share a small portion of their sale with a realtor (10% usually). However, some of these companies aren't even registered, don't have insurance, and consist of 1 driver and 1 helper. Therefore, if your realtor is referring to moving services make sure to get as much information as possible. When I used to work at Rapid Stor Movers, as a lead driver/mover, many customers in Toronto complained about movers that their realtor referred to. Common complaints were hidden costs, unprofessionalism of movers, and damages. However, good realtors in Toronto tend to care about which moving company in Toronto they partnering with, because if they refer to crappy movers, their reputation can get on the line, and they can lose referral business from their client. That's why, in majority scenarios, realtors will avoid referring bad movers. - If I'm new to Toronto, and my realtor doesn't do any deals with movers, will he know which movers to recommend? In 80% scenarios YES, realtors will give you names of popular moving companies in Toronto, such as Rapid Stor Movers, and you can call them to ask for quotes. You can even ask them when is the best time to hire movers, what are the most common prices for moving services in Toronto, and what should I expect from movers on the day of service. - If my realtor offers free movers in exchange for listing or buying a home with him? I would say that these deals are pretty common to see from different Toronto realtors who want to add value to their service. While in some cases it's best to ask what's included in this offer, any time or item limits? Am I responsible for the moving bill overall? According to my experience, these free moving offers within Toronto tend to be genuine without strings attached (well, considering that your realtor is getting $15000-$50000 from the sale). However, the problem may hide in quality of service, because the realtor can make a deal with Toronto moving company owner to cut costs on quality on moving service (hire inexperienced movers, avoid utilizing protective equipment, etc.). Thus, it's imperative to ask more questions about these deals. Main takeaways: - Call Toronto movers in advance, and hire them as soon as possible, at least once you know the moving date. - Calling in advance especially matters if you're moving a house in the summer - Booking movers in Toronto in advance can potentially save you some money - Avoid calling movers last-minute, only if the situation requires you, but never procrastinate on that. Movers are never waiting for you around your house to start moving - Realtors can help you to book movers and even do the booking process for you. However, your only goal is to ensure that these movers are insured professionals. How Rapid Stor Movers work with people who want to book them in advance: 1. Rapid Stor Movers rarely takes deposits for moves within Toronto. We have a low cancelation rate, so we strongly believe that if something changes with your plans moving with us, there are no strings or constrains to cancel your move with us. Especially, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we had a big number of people calling and postponing their moves, and one of the greatest benefits we had is that these people could postpone moves without forfeiture of their deposits. 2. We are always happy to work with you if you're calling in advance to schedule an in-house estimation or receive an early-bird quote for your move. Usually, people who call us in advance save up to 20% for their moves. Therefore, with Rapid Stor Movers, you will always get fixed rates that will not charge even if you call-in half a year after to confirm the booking. 3. Rapid Stor Movers work with many respectful Toronto realtors who are always happy to refer us. This relationship was built on mutual trust, and so far we never offered any incentive for realtors for referring a business to Rapid Stor movers. This relationship was built on word of mouth. 4. As I mentioned already, Rapid Stor Mover's moving rates never change, and there are no hidden fees. Our whole business model is built on transparency and fairness of our prices. 5. Lastly, Rapid Stor Movers is always guaranteeing that your move will happen and it will not get canceled by us last minute. It's common by some moving companies in Toronto to cancel your move 1 week or even a few days before your move. The main reason is that they find a more high paying customer with a bigger house, and they cancel your job to accommodate the big client over you. At Rapid Stor Movers, last-minute cancelations are never the case, we work strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis. If our days get sold out, we will never cancel on our existing customer to take business from a better paying job. Toronto has plenty of different moving companies available. However, it gets pretty challenging to hire the right movers for an affordable price. Cheap movers will do a poor service, while a big franchise company can charge you a fortune for the moving service. If you are looking for a moving quote try out Rapid Stor movers as your moving provider. I can assure you that we'll have one of the most affordable rates for moving services. Call us now +1 877 696 683 Email

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