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What should my moving company insure?

Insurance is one of the most confusing aspects when looking for a moving company. Many moving companies market themselves as “fully insured movers” but what does “fully insured” mean and what are some red flags that should warn you to be cautious when dealing with a specific moving company.

Moving companies are required by law to be insured at 0.60 cents per pound in Canada. This means that to be a fully insured moving company you must ensure items at 0.60 cents a pound. Most legitimate moving moving companies including Rapid Movers insure your items at this rate. A common misunderstanding is that your items are insured for their full value. Almost no legitimate moving companies will insure your item for their full value. In some rare cases some moving companies may provide you with the opportunity to purchase extra coverage for some particular items. A red flag to look out for is any moving company promising full value coverage for your belongings.

Another common question about moving insurance is “is everything covered?”. Most legitimate moving companies will not cover everything. It is common for movers not to cover damage to very sensitive items such as simulated wood, stainless steel appliances, walls/home fixtures etc. A lot of these items are at high risk of damage due to the nature of the item therefore moving companies can not ensure them. A good idea is to go to the moving company’s website and look for a section that outlines coverage details. Consumers should be wary of moving companies saying they will cover everything as most likely they are unaware of their own policies or lying in order to secure the job.

Overall when booking movers always look for fully insured movers that cover your eligible items for at least 0.60 cents a pound and that have a clear outline as to what is and isn’t covered. Keep in mind moving companies that promise coverage that sounds too good to be true might not cover anything at all when the time comes. As a fully insured moving company Rapid Movers clearly outlines their coverages and is free to answer any questions you may have.

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