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Want to save up on the cost of moving. Hire moving company in the winter !

As you may assume, moving within Toronto in the winter is tough. God knows what's the weather is going to be like, and movers work slower due to cold weather and slippery pathways. However, the best thing for you, the customer, is that you can enjoy the best rates and deals from your movers !

Moving in Toronto gets significantly slower in the winter. As a result, many coming companies in the city fight for a scarce amount of jobs that are left over. You, as the custumer, have a huge potential to bargain and ask for discounted rates. On average, movers in Toronto charge from 10% to 30% less for their services. Thus, if the weather detering you from moving in the winter, the bright side is that hiring movers will be cheaper comparing to summer months

Stay warm, and call Rapid Movers for discounted rates for moving in Toronto. We'll be happy to estimate your movers and offer you fair winter deals. Although, we tent not to do long distance moves in Canada during the winter, we are highly in demand within Greater Toronto Area for any size of movers. Call our toll-free number for details +1 (877) 696 6831.

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