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Avoid being scammed by movers in Toronto ! When the cost for moving sounds too good to be true.

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

As a moving operations specialist I've encountered and heard a lot of moving horrors and scams. In this post, I'd like to warn people about "Professional movers" who charge $70 an hour for 2 movers and less in Toronto, and then keep your stuff hostage.

Price is the most common red flag to look out for while browsing for movers in Toronto, especially on websites like Kijiji, Craigslist, and even Google Search

After 10 calls to different local moving companies in Toronto area, you will get surprised how wide is the price range for labour services. Usually, professional moving companies in GTA (Greater Toronto Area) sell their services within the range of $80 to $200 an hour for 2 movers an hour plus some truck or arrival fee on the top.

However, there are some folks that offer moving services for $50, $55 and $60 an hour for 2 movers. Of course, it may sound to you as a great deal that you want to get asap. But that may sound too good to be true :(

Let's think together, moving is a very physically demanding job that no one really wants to do. Obviously, people/movers who do this job want to get paid higher than minimum which is currently $14 an hour in Ontario. Therefore, as a business owner in Toronto, you need to pay your movers at least $16 plus and drivers $18 plus. If you pay your Lead Mover/Driver and a helper $35 combined, and ask for moving services like $55 an hour, what these $20 dollars are going to do to you? Will it pay for your marketing effort, for insurance, your groceries? Keep in mind an average moving duration of a well packed condo is about 4-6 hours. Do your math, and think, what the owner of a moving company can do with these $60-80 that he earned.

One can argue: "What if these movers are owner-operators who do the move and satisfied with the pay of $50 an hour?" "What if they want to boost their reputation ?". Believe me, no pro mover with good work ethics and intentions will offer services for $50 an hour, they know that no matter what, they can get hired for $80, $90, and more, why would they devalue their service for $50 an hour ?

Let me give you a definitive conclusion here, NO PROFESSIONAL MOVING COMPANY WORKS FOR $55 AN HOUR FOR 2 MOVERS in Toronto. If you see or hear prices lower than $80 an hour, and you actually care about your worldly belongings, about your life, your money, just move on and hire someone else. You don't want to find yourself in a situation where you hired one of these "pro movers" for $50 an hour, but in the middle of the move, once all your stuff is in their truck, they demand to pay $400 of extra fees upfront to bail our stuff out.

If you're on the budget, but want to hire professional movers in Toronto for an affordable price. My best advice is to save up enough to pay movers at least $90 - $100 an hour, and hire a trusted moving company with good reviews and some public reputation. It doesn't necessarily mean that you need to hire a franchise with a popular name. Just simply do your research, make sure that company has a proper website and some reviews, and call them, just call and ask. For example, Rapid Stor Movers charge only from $90 an hour for 2 movers plus some minor arrival fee. The price may vary based on day and time of the year. But at least you're assured that no one will scam, up-sell or carelessly damage your belongings. For Rapid Movers good reputation and job quality are the key to name themselves as " Professional Moving Company in Toronto ".

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