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Movers in Toronto : Who to choose ? What Questions to ask? What to expect?

As you may have noticed, there‘re tons of moving companies across Canada, especially in a big metro area, like Toronto. However, which movers should you hirremains a hard question: a famous franchise or a local small moving company?

Here I will help you to guide through this question, so you can decide for yourself.

If you are moving locally within 150km from your current address, I would definitely recommend start focusing on at least three moving companies that are based in Toronto. To be honest, your success in finding best movers in Toronto doesn’t depend on famous name or whether not the company has 1,200 reviews. Small local movers can be a good option too. Here’s why : 1. Their moving hourly rate could be quite affordable for the same quality of service you would get 2. Their work policies and fees structure may be flexible (ie. they can waive a fee, and try their best to make things work for you). On the other hand, the rates for a big brand moving company will be higher than average, while the quality of service remain the same. Therefore, when looking for good movers in Toronto, it’s better to have diverse options of companies in order to call and see their rates.

When speaking to movers you must be discreet as possible :

- Disclose all items that you’re moving. Especially, extremely heavy items, such as Piano, heavy china cabinet and etc.

- Caution them about possible challenges related with the move: small hallway, delicate floors, whether or not anything needs to be disassembled, mounted and unmounted.

- Keep in mind, whether you say “I don’t have a lot of stuff“ or “I have a lot of stuff“ will not make a difference on the rate, so just tell them rough item list.

- If you’re moving out of the big house (ie. 2-story, 3-4 bedroom house), it’s better to ask for at least 3-4 movers. For example, if you mostly have boxes and other small pieces, it better to hire 3 movers, if you have mostly furniture, hire 4 movers. The hourly rate for hiring 3-4 movers is definitely higher than 2 movers, however, more movers will do your job much more quicker, and they will be less tired, and thus move faster by the end of your move

Overall, just be discrete with movers, don’t hide anything or underestimate.

Ask you potential movers:

- Reviews or trade references, see whether or not they are competent in moving and didn’t cause issues to other customers.

- Insurance coverage

- Website: In 21 century, it’s not okay for a moving company not to have a website.

- Ask for all rates and fees and what they include.

- Ask whether or not packing materials (shrink wrap and blankets) are included and which ones, because some companies have a fee for that.

Overall, make sure this company has an online presence and reputable, and figure all the pricing.

Common Red flags to lookout for:

1) The Price sounds too good to be true. Anything less than $90 an hour for a crew of 2 movers may not be legitimate. I spoke in one of my articles about that already. See here

2) No online presence whatsoever. Unless you know these movers in person or were referred by one of your friends, please be careful with hiring them.

3) And please please, Don’t give deposits of more than $100 to movers that you don’t know. Deposits are usually to ensure commitment. There has been so many cases where deposits were not returned and movers didn’t show up. For example, Rapid Stor Movers generally doesn’t take any deposits from you, unless the job location is outside of the Greater Toronto Area

Be smart and move safely.

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