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How to book service elevators for your moving day

Some condos/apartments/offices buildings have elevators exclusively set aside for moving while most buildings simply put the elevators in service mode. Service mode is a function of the elevators that allows the elevator to stay on one floor with the doors open so it is easier and less stressful for you or your movers to bring items in/out of the elevators. While in service mode the elevator will not go to other floors when people on different floors press the elevator buttons. In order to book your service elevators you must contact the building management of your condo/apartment/office building. Every building has different policies on booking a elevator. Almost all buildings will make you fill out a form to reserve your elevators. It is recommended that you reserve your elevators 1-2 months in advance to ensure you get the elevators for your preferred day/time. Keep in mind that many buildings might take a deposit to cover possible damages that may occur to the elevator during moving and in very high traffic buildings there might even be a hourly charge to reserve the elevators.

How long should you book the elevator for?

When booking your elevators you should always book for the recommended time outlined by your moving company. Every building move is different and will require a unique booking based on different variables. For example if there is a large walking distance between your unit and the elevator or between the loading zone and the elevator this will add more time to the job. If you can only reserve the elevator for a short amount of time the moving company might be able to accommodate this by adding more movers to your move to speed up the process.

Arranging Parking

Along with booking the elevators you may also have to book a loading dock or loading area. It is your responsibility to ensure that your movers have a place they can be authorised to park in while conducting the move. If your building has a loading room you must provide the height of the entrance door to ensure that the vehicles being sent will clear the door without any issues.

Overall with the help of your moving company you will get a good idea of how long to book your moving elevators and parking for. Keep in mind that arranging your move and elevator/parking bookings 1-2 months ahead of time will give you much more flexibility with desired dates and time. It is also a good idea to book between work hours (9am-5pm) to avoid disturbing your fellow tenants. No matter how big or small the job Rapid Stor Movers are more than happy to help you effectively book your elevators and loading zones.

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