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Hire Flat Rate Movers or Hourly Rate Local Movers ? Here's our cost-benefit analysis

When shopping for movers in Toronto, you may want to ask yourself whether to agree on a flat or hourly rate. In this article, I will conduct a cost-benefit analysis in order to answer this uneasy question. This way you will make more informed choice on hiring movers for the most cost-effective price.

In short, hiring hourly rate movers in Toronto is the most financially smart decision, because it maintains quality of movers, and boosts fairness between custumers and movers

Let's start with analysing flat rate movers:

Although, common sense may suggest that hiring flat rate movers is the most desirable financial choice, you may find yourself overpaying by hundreds of dollars comparing to hourly rate movers. Here's why: Just as any business, moving companies want to ensure they will earn profit from their move. Many people think that by inviting a moving estimatior to their house will allow accurate estimation for the cost of the move. However, most of estimators can't predict the cost based on merely looking at your furniture and the house. Eventually, they will try to quote the move by 50%- 100% more of what it supposed to cost. For example, a move that's could have costed $1000 according to hourly rate would cost at least $1300 according to the flat rate.

Of course, one would argue that with a flat rate, they would pay according to what's been agreed beforehand. However, keep in mind that movers will be driven to work fast as they could in order to to minimize the time they spend on the move. In turn, it can result to more damages as the carelessness will increase. Hence, you can find yourself in a situation where movers will get a lot of belongings damaged, because they were rushed to finish the move as fast as they could.

That's why, when looking for movers in Toronto, you would hear estimators recommending to go ahead with an hourly rate rather than a flat rate. It's pretty common for movers in Toronto refuse to work for a flat rate, because they don't want to be dealing with poor service and customer complaints.

On the other hand, with hourly rates, movers, as well as customers can be relaxed that the move will go stress free and damageless. With hourly rate, customers know that they're paying based on what they have, and where they are moving. Hours which is a measurable unit creates fairness between custumers and moving companies. Some clients are worried that with hourly rate, movers will try to strech time in order to make more money. However, all attempts of "milking" hours becomes pretty obvious to every client. If you see that movers are purposefully walking slow or taking too many breaks, you must immediatelly bring it to them (movers) and the managment by calling their office. Therefore, the problem with "slow" movers can be easily mitigated.

Rapid Stor movers, a local Toronto moving and storage company offers only hourly rates for the local moves. They offer flat rates only for 1-3 items moving where the task is clear. However, with condo or house moves, Rapid Stor movers are working strictly by hours in order to ensure fairness of the moving bill and quality of service.

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