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Furniture Delivery in Toronto. Choose the best service for a lesser price

Buying a couch, a dinning table, a bed, a washing machine or even something bigger? That's great ! But who will deliver it for you ?

In Toronto, there are many furniture delivery services available for the public. Many furniture stores have delivery partners. Kijiji is full of small moving companies that can accommodate your delivery within Greater Toronto area. Many bigger moving brands like Two men and a truck and You Move Me offer small one-item delivery services within the city. In this article, I will give you a little life hack on how to choose the most reliable moving company for your furniture delivery in Toronto, and not to spend a fortune for this moving service.

  1. Buying furniture in the store with a delivery service ? Make sure to check the price !

Many furniture retailers in Toronto have delivery partners, usually local moving companies or expedite couriers. Some stores ask an extra fee for the delivery, some have delivery included into the price. However, not many people know that they don't have to necessarily go with store's delivery partners, and save hundreds of dollars.

If the delivery service in the furniture store is at extra cost, make sure that the price isn't too ridiculous. Many stores charge $200 for delivery service regardless what furniture peace they are selling ! I'll be honest here, if you're ordering a big couch, a bedroom set or something big, the price of $200 is pretty common for delivery in Toronto. However, if you're buying just a TV stand or something small or medium size, try checking other delivery companies. Just search on Google "Furniture Delivery Company in Toronto" and call and ask about prices, many of them will offer you cheaper rates like $100 flat or even less.

If the delivery is included into the price, and this furniture company isn't a big furniture retailer like Wayfair, Walmart, Leon's, Bricks or Badboy, ask the sales consultant for a discount in exchange arranging furniture delivery by yourself. Many of these salesmen can give you up to $500 off just so they can sell this furniture peace, and now with all this extra money, you can go online and hire furniture delivery in Toronto for a cheaper price, and save hundreds of dollars.

2. Buying a furniture on Kijiji.

When you buy furniture on kijiji, most of the time, the pick up and delivery process is fully on your shoulders. You can definitely hire movers who advertise on kijiji and get it done for as little as $100. However, make sure you ask all delivery applicable questions as if you're moving your whole house. Ask whether these movers have any minimum hours, insurance, hidden fees, stair fees, disassembly fees. Also, it's always good to think about the size of the furniture peace and the size of your home. By size of your home, I mean, will this furniture peace go through my doors? Will it need Disassembly and assembly ? Will it get damaged while movers will be getting it in into my house? All these questions must be well thought before you call any moving or furniture delivery company. If you happened to have narrow stairs or doors, make sure you disclose all these details.

The worst practice to hire a furniture delivery company in Toronto is not tell the full picture of the move. For example, "Hi, I need to move a couch from this address to this address, how much is that? Okay please come at 4 o'clock, thank you". If you don't disclose your full moving situation you may end up paying a fortune for this furniture peace. We had one customer that told us that they hired a moving company without disclosing that they have narrow entrance and the table needs disassembly. They ended up paying by $150 more because delivery required extra time and service. Therefore, it's in your best interest to tell all possible challenges while doing the delivery to your house.

Make sure that movers deliver the furniture peace into your house, not to the curb. This is called White Glove Delivery service. This type of service assumes wrapping the furniture peace before loading, delivery into specified room in the house, unwrapping/unpacking upon delivery and assembly of the furniture peace if applicable. Hence, you can call it a Full Service delivery. There are many courier and delivery companies that deliver your items as Canada Post of Fedex would do - delivery to your porch. This might be a cheaper option, however it could be less convenient for you.

4. Make sure that the moving company you're calling provides small one-item delivery services. You may get surprised, but many moving companies do not like doing short 1 hour jobs, and as a result, they have 3-4 hour minimum policies. Moving companies that do one-item deliveries will always explicitly tell on their website or listing advertisement.

Rapid Stor Movers is a local Toronto moving and furniture delivery company that's very flexible with furniture delivery quotes. On our website you will be able to find fixed flat rates for furniture delivery based on zones, and our furniture delivery service is always a white glove service where Rapid Movers will do all delivery work for you from A to Z. The best feature of Rapid Stor Movers of Toronto is that we never charge hidden fees for stairs, assembly and whatnot, all moving rates will be explicitly disclosed to you before the moving service, and you will never have to worry about the hidden fees.

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