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  • Reduce or Eliminate All Storage Costs

  • Reduce Labor Costs by Limiting Handling

  • Streamline Supply Chain from Origin to Destination

  • Faster Turn Around Time

An efficient Cross-Docking solution can really save retailers both time and money. Typically products can remain idle in a warehouse for between 60-90 days while in transit to their final destination. This can result in hefty and unwarranted warehouse storage costs and slow down logistics to a grinding halt. This is where having a reliable cross-docking solution located in Toronto, Canada can really pay off. B2B and B2C Cross-Docking operations are all about speed and efficiency. Reducing the cost of getting your inventory where it is going and making sure it gets there faster is always a good idea. At InterFulfillment we can break down even the largest shipments and have them out for delivery in under 24 hours,​

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When shipping to big-box retailers such as Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, Wayfair, and Rona, meeting their exact specifications for inbound shipments can be a major challenge in and of itself. Failing to meet their packing and shipment specifications can result in your shipment being returned. This can be a disaster as it can delay getting your product where it belongs, on the shelf. It can also result in missing a deadline and thus damaging your relationship with the retailer. The good news is that Rapid Stor has you covered. We are well versed in picking, packing and shipping to the exact protocols of nearly every big-box retailer across the United States and Canada. We will also help you minimize storage costs by getting your products packed up and ready to ship ofer on the same day as they arrive! Partnering with a professional and experienced fulfillment operation like Rapid Stor In for all your B2B cross-docking shipment needs is not just convenient, but it is good business.


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